Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meal plan Monday

Lunch: Tortilla Pizza

Lunch: Cheese and Corn Quesadilla
Dinner: Creamy Tuna Pasta

Lunch: Tuna and Corn Wrap
Dinner: Make a Head Fajita's

Lunch: Tuna and Corn Wrap
Dinner: Leftovers

Lunch: Tuna and Corn Wrap
Dinner: Pasta Risotto Style

Lunch: Creamy Chicken Soup (The Frozen Portion) -adding Sour Cream and Corn to it.

Dinner: Penne Pasta Casserole

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food I love Friday #1

This is a new feature I'm putting up on my blog it's inspired by Gala Darlings's things I love Thursday. Instead however I'm going to be putting up Food I'm inspired by this week. (and will most likely be appearing in my meal plans sometime soon.

This Vegetarian Tortilla Pizza is something that just looks plain yummy. I actually had a version of a Tortilla Pizza scheduled on my Meal Plan this week although I was still undecided on the toppings. (Still am to a bit I know I'm going to have corn, cheese, Salsa but what else still going to look on.)

Another recipe that is going to make it into my menu soonish (possibly this week I'm still unsure of this though is this Penne Pasta Casserole what's quite amusing is I used to hate any meal that ended with "Casserole or Stew" but now I'm cooking on my own I've good a Mexican Casserole, Taco Pasta Casserole and other items like that. So I guess I am growing up in a way!

This Mock Risotto is a recipe I'm defiantly going to try soon. I love Risotto but I always make it out of a packet and that always ALWAYS ends up as being too much for me. This recipe looks quick and easy to understand as well. Which is always helpful.

Finally For this week a recipe you'll see coming up at some point will be Annie's Creamy Taco Mac. For a couple of simple reasons: I love Mac and Cheese and I love Taco's what better than a recipe that combines the two and is easy? So that's it for this week. What recipes are you liking the idea of this week?

Tuna and Corn Wrap

Tuna and Corn Wrap


1. Tortilla Wrap

2. One Small can of Tuna (flavoured)

3. ¼ Cup of Corn

4. ¼ Cup Grated Cheese


Step One: Spread Tuna on wrap

Step Two: If Frozen corn heat in microwave for thirty seconds on high, then spread corn on top of tuna

Step Three: Sprinkle grated Cheese on wrap

Step Four: Roll up the wrap, cut in half


Carrot Linguine

Carrot Linguine
1 Grated Carrot
1 1/2 Cups Pasta
1 cup Sour Cream
1/2 Grated Cheese
Spring Onion
2 teaspoons crushed Garlic

1. Boil water in a pan for pasta add Pasta in to water and cook until al dente. Drain.
2. In another pan fry garlic until brown, add carrots and half of chopped spring onion (saving the rest to garnish) cook until soft.
3. Add Sour Cream and cheese to carrot mixture and bring to simmer.
4. Pour sauce over mixture and serve.

Comments: This recipe is quick, easy and healthy.


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